START – Create Cultural Change

A series of commisioned animated shorts and inforgraphics, celebrating the 5th and ultimate Fellowship Celebration of the program START – Create Cultural Change, introducing this year’s START fellows and their respective work, as well as the overall contribution of the program to the sociocultural sector in Greece. The program supported creative minds to kick-start cultural […]

NEXTFOOD project

A commisioned animated project in collaboration with NEXTFOOD, a collaborative and Action-Oriented Learning Model that drives the crucial transition to more sustainable and competitive agrifood and forestry systems development by designing and implementing education and training systems to prepare budding or already practising professionals with competencies to push the green shift in our rapidly changing […]

Travel In Time Renard – (feat. Pascal Finkenauer)

A commissioned music video for Renard – Travel In Time feat. Pascal Finkenauer.Exploring the notions of absence by introducing elements of negative space as it shifts and transforms through music and dance and delving in and out of a constructed fantasy and reality. Combining the 2 dimensional world of illustration and animation with the physicality […]