The Barometer of My Heart

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The Barometer of My Heart was a participatory arts project exploring male health, masculine identity and potency. Created and directed by Mark Storor and produced by Anna Ledgard in association with Artsadmin.

The Barometer of My Heart explores the rich diversity of male experience. Carnivalesque, primitive and tender: still and moving image, music and animation, live performance, science and sound combine to create an intimate reimagining of masculinity today.

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Animation Workshops

animasyros tour thessaloniki 1
animasyros | stop motion animation workshop | Thessaloniki 2017
Museum of Cycladic Art | stop motion animation workshop | Athens 2016
exile room 1
exile room | light painting animation workshop | athens 2016
The Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art | animation workshop | Thessaloniki 2016
tehnopoli 2
Τεχνοπολη | animation workshop | Athens 2017
Τεχνοπολη | animation workshop | Athens 2017