Las Ptinas | Λας Πτήνας trailer


PCAI Junior presents LAS PTINAS

Believing that environmental consciousness should be cultivated at an early age, Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative has designed an innovative educational program for schools in Greece and abroad. PCAI Junior, created in the summer of 2017, constitutes an educational platform that enables students to understand critical, ecological issues that affect their place of residence. In 2017, the first PCAI Junior program took place at Geitonas School in Voula; an area which is part of the Kesariani Forest and it is considered protected due to its natural wealth. The forest contains an ecosystem of 250 animal species and hosts 98 different types of migratory birds that use the place to rest before traveling to Africa. This fact has actually been the source of inspiration for the original animated video Las Ptinas (8’45”) created by the 5th Elementary Class pupils and the experienced PCAI educational team.

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Produced by: Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative
Project Designer/ Script Writer: Eleni Svyrou Svyriadi
Animator: Babis Alexiadis
Illustrator: Sofia Vlazaki
Music: Danse Macabre – Light Dance, Egmont Overture, Marty Gots a Plan, Run Amok, Kevin LacLeod (


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